RBLB Sneakers

RBLB Streetwear launches in 2021.

Born from the desire to see his creations on the street,  Evan has been working on a line of kicks.

Garnering media attention for his interpretive portraits and dreamy nostalgic landscapes, Evan Sharma is experimenting with new mediums for his art. His first pair of sneakers, called the RBLB – or Right Brain/Left Brain, brings Evan’s concept to life that, “to be a whole person, you have to use both your right or creative brain and your left or analytical side.”

Each RBLB pair is based on Evan’s vibrant portraits of famed New York based neo-expressionist artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Nobel prize-winning physicist, Albert Einstein, which are printed on a retro high top converse sneaker.

Each pair also features original artwork and a signature ES patch.

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