About RBLB

RBLB is a line of custom sneakers by Evan Sharma. Hailing from Kingston, on Lake Ontario’s picturesque shores, Evan has been equally influenced by Canada’s rugged geography and modern culture arising from the streets of major urban areas. Evan’s unique vibrant expressionist style is clearly seen in both his interpretive portraits and dreamy nostalgic landscapes.


Evan has been influenced by nature’s beauty since a young age - having travelled extensively through the weathered coastlines of Canada’s Maritime provinces, fished the cool waters of Alaska for halibut and skied the glaciers in Switzerland. But it wasn’t until he sat for days in front of the Da Vincis and Van Goughs at the Louvre, and the Picassos and Pollocks at MOMA, that Evan started his creative journey of interpreting the world around him on canvas.

Following those trips, Evan began working with deep purpose, often racing downstairs after school to paint for hours on end. Carefully balancing on a ladder to apply acrylic paint to his large canvases, Evan’s signature style quickly evolved to use varied hues to represent tonal shades and vibrant colors that “popped out of the canvas”.

One of Evan’s early creations made it online and his work started to generate significant buzz on social media. Upon the recommendation of a family friend and fellow artist, Evan applied to The Artist Project - "Toronto's favourite Art Fair". Some months later, Evan’s father, reading the fine print of his son’s acceptance letter, wasn’t sure if the organizers knew that Evan was only 12 years old. Being told that the jury “didn’t know his age but loved his work,” Evan and his father packed up and made the trek to Toronto.

Being the youngest artist to display at the Artist Project, Evan’s story was featured on national media appearing in NUVO magazine Canada AM, and CBC.


While the main emphasis for Evan is being “in the moment” while painting, his art now appears in the private collections of those living in Europe, the US and Canada. Evan’s art has also raised significant funds for various charities, including the United Way, the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and VibeArts.